Sherry Walling Helps Us Keep Our Sh*t Together

Our guest today is Sherry Walling. Sherry is a clinical psychologist and the author of the soon to be released book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together. Sherry is also the co-host of the Zen Founder podcast with her husband Rob Walling, the founder of Drip. Her time with the podcast has given her an insight into the fears and concerns every entrepreneur experiences. She gives us her observation of the entrepreneurial journey and her advice to navigate it.

Sherry’s book will be available February 21, 2018.

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Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s recent “world tour.”
  • Brian’s time at Big Snow Tiny Conf.
  • Welcome, Sherry Walling!
  • Sherry’s upcoming book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together.
  • Her professional background and marriage with Rob Walling.
  • Why Sherry decided to write the book.
  • The cycle of the entrepreneurial journey.
  • How business owners build resilience.
  • The common issues entrepreneurs share.
  • The role of “gallows humor” in business.
  • How to combat the negativity many entrepreneurs face.
  • The importance of meeting other entrepreneurs.
  • Sherry’s tips for bootstrappers to stay healthy.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Big Snow Tiny Conf.


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together

Zen Founder