So Much for That Plan

So Much for That Plan

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Jordan and Brian are back with updates (even if they’re not so great).

Brain updates us on the developments (or lack thereof) with his developer and how communication issues have played a part in the lack of progress. He also talks about how to move forward from these issues and how he has learned from this experience.

Jordan talks about the topic of burnout, how he ignored the signs, how it manifested, and the Square integration. He also talks about the vulnerability and the emotional layer of being a business owner. Jordan covers the stress levels involved in the product.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s latest news on his new developer
  • How to handle communication issues
  • Some signs of burnout and how to handle those emotions
  • Brian considers if he is going to hire this type of developer again
  • The different stress levels and emotional levels of CEOs and key stakeholders
  • The stress and fear of being accurate all the time
  • Detailing instructions vs. micromanaging vs. patronizing
  • Checkbox lists versus bullet lists
  • Jordan’s need for a UI designer

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