Speaking Our Minds in 2019 / How Not to Increase Prices

Speaking Our Minds in 2019 / How Not to Increase Prices

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Welcome to 2019! This is our first episode of the year and we have a lot to say! Brian is planning a lot of travel these few months. That means that some of his projects are on the back burner. He gives an update on both ProcessKit and Sunrise KPI and explains his tentative plans for this year.

Jordan is getting ready to visit the team in Slovenia and help them move offices. He also discusses some of the goals he has for 2019. These goals include being more transparent with his audience. We debate the pros and cons of that goal as well.

Finally, we address the elephant in the room (or on Twitter.) The Drip controversy is fresh in our minds. For those outside of the situation, Drip has announced a price increase and it blew up in their face. We give our opinion on the situation and talk about what Drip did wrong and what their competitors did right.

Here’s to an awesome 2019!

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s travel plans for the next few months.
  • The audience’s response to Sunrise KPI.
  • A ProcessKit update and plans for 2019.
  • Jordan’s upcoming trip to Slovenia.
  • The culture challenges the Carthook team is dealing with right now.
  • Jordan’s goal to be more honest and open with his audience.
  • Carthook’s end of the year numbers.
  • The lesson Drip can teach software startups.
  • The price increase and the poor handling of the announcement.
  • How Twitter blew up and sparked a debate about the announcement.
  • Our thoughts on the backlash and mob response.
  • How Drip’s competitors took advantage of the mob response.
  • Our comparison of the competitors’ offers and tools.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Big Snow Tiny Conf




ReCharge NY

Sunrise KPI

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