[89] Making the Most of Outbound Sales Tools

[89] Making the Most of Outbound Sales Tools

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We’re trying something a little different today and taking a more topical approach by answering a few listener questions.

Many of you are curious about how SaaS companies are enabling their outbound sales. Cold outbound sales, things like blind email blasts, can bring your numbers up, but you still might not be seeing them as high as you need them to be. That’s where enabling tools like Quickmail can step in and give you the leverage you need. Jordan and I share our experience with a few different types of software (including Quickmail), so tune in to hear how you can combine them with your content marketing techniques and your affiliate relationships to boost our sales.


  • Cold outbound sales vs. Enabling outbound sales
  • Software you can use to build your outbound sales
  • Different outbound techniques to test and try
  • How content marketing, outbound sales, and your website all work together
  • How to build sales through affiliate relationships

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