[92] Updates! Plugin Launch Results, High Value Customer Triggers, & Seasonality

[92] Updates! Plugin Launch Results, High Value Customer Triggers, & Seasonality

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Brian and Jordan update their audience on the latest developments with their individual projects. Brian is traveling and will eventually end up in Austin, Texas in mid December through January. Jordan is currently in Miami and plans to stay through New Years.

Of the two, Jordan has the shortest update. He was experiencing technical problems because there was a surge in volume of their product. After two weeks of switching focus to the product their business picked up again. This lead to some technical problems that had to addressed.

Now the team is looking at the experience and finding ways to be more effective. They are cherry-picking the best projects that need a little extra “love” and learning which clients are going to trigger more business.


Brian’s turn:

Brian is noticing some seasonal lull in his business Audience Ops. He is getting leads, but they are wanting to wait till after the holidays. Jordan assures him that this can be good.


December is also the time to offer a prepaid plans to those who want to claim it on their taxes. Jordan reminds people who offer SASS to their mailing lists to keep taxes in mind.

While traveling Brian has launched Content Upgrades, a WordPress plug-in. He has delegated most of the non-sales aspects to VAs. He is very happy with the efficiency of this sales process.

Brian is still very hands on with the development of the plugins, He says he really still enjoys the sales calls.  Although his report is very positive, he wants to note that it hasn’t been all good. As Jordan added, “You need more in the positive column, than in the negative column. The negative column will never be empty for the week, for the month, or the day even. You just need more positives so it feels like things are going to move forward, than they are backwards.”

As a parting thought Jordan and Brian think that these updates are good for them. Looking at projects in increments of 30 days helps with frustration.

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