[104] Updates: A Stealth Launch, A Public Launch, & Hiring for a New Role

[104] Updates: A Stealth Launch, A Public Launch, & Hiring for a New Role

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Today is an updates episode. Jordan has a big product launch coming up and Brian talks about a new WordPress plugin and an open position he hopes to fill at Audience Ops.   

Jordan talks about the stress he’s feeling leading up to a product launch integration.  While launches are usually really public, he explains several factors that have kept this upcoming launch under wraps.  The launch will be in a few weeks and he’s now in the sprint mode.  In February,  Carthook saw its biggest month ever in MMR growth, but Jordan is a bit concerned that the pipeline is not as strong for next month and that there may be some churn ahead.  

Brian talks about the upcoming launch of Audience Op’s second WordPress plugin, a landing pages plugin.  He explains it’s an easier and faster way to get a clean and optimized landing page on your site.  He breaks down the features on the plugin which has a planned public launch for mid-April.

Brian is still looking for a Marketing Tech for Audience Ops. He explains that the person hired would be responsible for all the technical work that is the glue in a content marketing strategy. Among other things, this person would create and run PPC campaigns using Facebook ads, handle retargeting ad campaigns, create and test landing pages and create email marketing automation workflows.  Brian explains that he’s having people on the team develop some of the strategy they’re using.  The link for the Marketing Tech position is below in the resources section.


Other topics we cover in today’s episode are:

  • Our topics for our Microconf talks
  • How the TEDx format really works for Microconf
  • The Productize Course

Resources from today’s episode:


Audience Ops

Audience Ops Landing Pages Plugin

Audience Ops Marketing Tech Position



The Productize Course

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[84] MicroConf Europe 2015 Recap Show

[84] MicroConf Europe 2015 Recap Show

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Welcome to Bootstrapped Web, Episode 84.  Brian is back from MicroConf Europe and fills us in on all the great speakers he heard.  Brian also spoke at the event.  First up, we have updates on some of the things going on with our businesses.


Before we dig into the details on our businesses, I wanted to mention that our annual skiing/mastermind meeting is coming up in January.  And this year we’re featuring a West Coast edition, Big Snow Tiny Conf West, which will be in Beaver Creek, CO in February.

Big Snow Tiny Conf – Sugarbush, Vermont
January 25-28, 2016
The original, organized by myself and Brad Tousnard will be happening at the same house as last year, near the slopes at Sugarbush, Vermont.
On sale September 24th, 2015
Info and email list here:  bigsnowtinyconf.com

Big Snow Tiny Conf West – Beaver Creek, Colorado
February 8-11, 2016
New!  A BSTC out west!  This one is being organized by Dave Rodenbaugh and it’s happening at Beaver Creek, Colorado.
On sale September 24th, 2015
Info and email list here:  bigsnowtinyconfwest.com

Our Business Updates

Jordan has launched a customized email template builder.  It was a long time in development and Jordan often played the role of the user of the product while things were getting hammered out. This opens the door to several other additions to the CartHook platform, all of which will expand their customer reach.

Jordan is also looking to hire a full-time lead developer. If you’d like to find out more about it, email Jordan at jordan@carthook.com.

As both businesses look at the prospect of more outbound sales, a few resources have really struck home:

Brian is in the private beta phase of a content upgrade plugin for WordPress.  A public launch is planned for the end of October. To find out more about getting in on that, check out contentupgrades.io.

Brian offers some of the highlights from MicroConf Europe speaker sessions including talks from:

Brain also discusses some of the good information exchanged in the attendee talks at MicroConf Europe.  In mid-September, Brian will head to Norfolk, Virginia to be part of Brennan Dunn’s Double Your Freelancing Conference.  

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