[85] Refocusing and Getting Things Done in Less Time

[85] Refocusing and Getting Things Done in Less Time

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Welcome to Bootstrapped Web, Episode 85. Brian has been busy traveling over the past  month and is now settled in Asheville, NC for a few months.  He gives an update on his participation in Brennan Dunn’s Double Your Freelancing conference last month.

Also, Brian mentioned on this episode that tickets are still available for (both) Big Snow Tiny Confs… Well the Vermont trip is now sold out. But as of this writing (Oct 1, 2015), the Colorado trip still has a few spots open. Join us here: http://bigsnowtinyconfwest.com.

So after some conference talk, today we get  down to updating what’s going on in our businesses.

While Jordan spent about a month thinking about product development, sales stalled.  He’s happy to report he has his mojo back with 90% of his thoughts and actions focused on the sales marketing front.  CartHook is launching campaigns and marketing.  At the same time, there is work going on internally to determine the next step for CartHook, which includes determining what technology and added value he wants to bring to what could be CartHook 2.0.  In looking at sales and marketing for CartHook now, Jordan is working on five main things:

  • AdWords is now up and running and going to cart-specific landing pages
  • Begin Facebook newsfeed ads
  • Retargeting
  • A new outbound campaign, some of which will be done internally
  • Outbound sales for a high-end experimentation idea Jordan has and wants to receive feedback on  

Brian has a number of goals he wants to accomplish for the two months he is in Asheville.  His focus is to build out the marketing and sales engine for Audience Ops.  He feels it’s time for a proactive marketing strategy and plans to work on building out the sales funnel and converting cold leads.  His course of action includes:

  • Audience Ops blog, currently being published twice a week and is designed to teach business owners how to implement content marketing in their business
  • Begin testing paid acquisition and specifically promote posts on Facebook
  • Launch the Audience Ops WordPress content upgrades plugin
  • Begin monthly webinars

We also talk about the idea of finding ways to get more done in fewer hours.  While our schedules are opposite in the times we are the most effective in our work, we realize that allowing ourselves to not feel guilty about the times our energy is focused elsewhere is an important goal.   

Resources and Links:

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