[100] Updates: Repeatable Marketing Ideas, Outsourcing Sales, & “Secret” SaaS Tiers

[100] Updates: Repeatable Marketing Ideas, Outsourcing Sales, & “Secret” SaaS Tiers

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Welcome to episode 100! Today we’re going to give an update on where we are in our businesses. Brian is still in Colorado and enjoying some family time, while Jordan is focusing on Carthook and its growth potential. Here is a summary of our updates with a few high points.

Brian’s Update:

Brian is in between his involvement with Big Snow Tiny Confs. He has attended the main one out in Vermont and has another one coming up at Beaver Creek, CO soon. Productize is also weighing heavy on his mind, since he is experiencing a slowdown in productivity. Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Improving Productize for customers and potential customers
  • Introducing a referral feature to AudienceOps
  • The decision to promote from within for a sales person
  • The need for writers and streamlining that process
  • A new app called Recruiterbox and the great customer service

Jordan’s Update:

Jordan is trying to find ways to keep Carthook in the forefront of people’s minds. He and  his team have reexamined their marketing strategies and are launching a new marketing page. They took inspiration from sites like LeadPages, Convert Kit, Drip, and The Clone Factory. The new site is based on the idea of “show don’t tell.” Some of the other topics we discussed are:

  • Carthook is now a customer of AudienceOps
  • Carthook’s new prices and the issues that can cause
  • A possible webinar in the future
  • Ways to keep new leads coming into Carthook
  • Improving Carthook’s optimization

So the boil down of today’s episode is we are both trying to make our businesses as optimal as possible. Whether that means hiring some new talent, or launching some new campaign.

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[99] Updates De-Bottlenecking, Productize Relaunch, & Firing a Client

[99] Updates De-Bottlenecking, Productize Relaunch, & Firing a Client

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It’s time for an update episode and we can say the new year is off to a really busy start for both of us. Brian is still traveling with his family and has some podcast interviews lined up soon. Jordan has returned home from Florida and has begun integrating new work habits into his routine. We both have an interesting update to share, but with different outcomes.

Brian’s update:

  • Heading to Colorado.
  • Preparing for Big Snow Tiny Con at both locations (Colorado and Vermont,)
  • Just completed a Productized Webinar
  • Launching a podcast series about Productized.
  • Audience Ops had a great December, but has slowed a bit in January.
  • Why Brian won’t do rushed jobs.

Jordan’s update:

  • Creating a bottleneck within the business. The team is trying to figure out how to fix the situation.
  • Business was slow in December, but has picked in January
  • Jordan and his team are reexamining their pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Lessons from Predictable Revenue.

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[97] Problems to Solve in 2016

[97] Problems to Solve in 2016

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It’s the new year and Jordan and Brian are ringing it in with an update episode that follows up on last week’s 2016 goals. In December Brian focused on updating the Productize course. There are new lessons and case studies, and it is officially launched.

Productize Your Business in 2016

Brian will be holding a workshop that covers a different angle of Productize services and how to grow them. The free workshop will be Thursday, January 14th at 11am Pacific (US) / 2pm Eastern (US) / 7pm GMT. Register Here.  Brian wants to focus on the big picture and how using Productize can help to position entrepreneurs to launch other products.

Challenges for 2016 Goals

Brian wants to follow up on challenges to his 2016 goals that he needs to solve. Specifically in the Audience Ops business.

  • Hiring full time employees.
  • Removing himself from sales.
  • Building up the software side of the Audience Ops business.
  • Working Less.

As the team grows, Brian will need to transition freelance employees to regular full-time employees. The logistics of the hiring process and conversion process present new challenges.

He also wants to remove himself from making the actual sales calls. He feels like his work is too tied to his time, and he would prefer to focus on the big picture. He has an efficient sales process. He just needs to work on hiring and training, so he can remove himself.

Brian wants to focus on building up the software side of the Audience Ops business. He has some WordPress plugins, but he would like the software side to be a fully functional marketing funnel. Software can be a long-term scalable solution. He wants all of his solutions connected in a seamless manner.

Working less would help balance work and family life, but the actionable steps are hard to define. Brian has a lot on his plate, he wants to find a way to work less or transition between work and family life better. He is currently shopping for a new house and has a daughter due in May. Finding the balance between work time and family time is challenging.

Challenges for Jordan

Jordan loves having things on his schedule. He has an upcoming joint webinar on January 21st, with PureChat the free live chat software, and he has no stress. Because he knows that it is scheduled, so it will get done.

He also has a daughter due in March. He is scheduled to be at a conference at the same time, so March will be a crazy month.

The surprising observation that Jordan noticed is he thought the quiet time in December would lead to more productivity, but it is actually having the opposite effect. The lack of momentum and lack of activity has made him unhappy.

December revenue and growth is the highest of any month for his business, yet the lack of momentum is making him frustrated. Work wise, Jordan likes to keep things moving. He may examine roles and restructure some of his time to feel like he is getting maximum value.


Brian wants to focus on creative stuff and not get caught up in day to day tasks. Jordan likes the momentum of activity and gets frustrated when things aren’t moving along.

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