[91] Figuring Out Who Your Target Customer Is (And Why)

[91] Figuring Out Who Your Target Customer Is (And Why)

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Today’s topic is finding your Target Market.

Today’s topic grew from a recent workshop Brian conducted about building up and attracting people to your email list.  A recurring question was, “Who do you want to join your email list?”  It’s a question that also comes up at Audience Ops? Who are you writing for? What is your Target Market?

Identifying your Market

Know who you’re targeting – know the type of business, size of operation and to take it to the next level, identify the mindset of the business. During a trial, you can often look at a customer, learn about them and then contact them to let them know how you can provide value.

Brian feels the first question everyone should be asking themselves when they’re looking to launch a business is “Who do you want to serve?” Figure out what the problem is that you know how to solve, a solution that you believe in that you’ve seen before, then figure out who has the problem – and who thinks it’s an expensive problem that they’re willing to pay to solve.

If you go toward a problem and help people solve it, other opportunities show themselves. You can identify many different opportunities within the same problem space, but then identify what saves people money.

At Carthook, the issue isn’t getting trials – they are trying to get higher quality leads that have more order volume.  Identify which ‘lever’ you should pull first to get those quality leads?

Identify your audience and create an avatar of your ideal customer. Using a targeting message, identify the best channels to reach that customer when its Content marketing, email lists, podcasting, etc. Sending the right message to the right lead is what will lead to higher quality leads that convert to business opportunities.

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