[111] How to Audit Your Design, UI & UX w/ Jane Portman

[111] How to Audit Your Design, UI & UX w/ Jane Portman

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On today’s Bootstrapped Web we welcome UI and UX Consultant Jane Portman to the podcast. Jane helps founders look at their business applications and optimize them for the best customer experience. She has recently written a book called UI Audit.

Today Jane shares with us what her experience with founders has taught her about creating stellar company content. Design and customer experience are key to maintaining a loyal customer base, and together on this episode we explore this subject.

The topics we covered today are:

  • The importance of design and usability
  • When to hire a freelancer
  • When to hire a professional firm
  • The founder’s role in design and usability
  • The 3 big warning signs of poor customer experience
  • The 4 pillars of product strategy
  • Why Jane wrote the book

Jane is offering a special sale code for Bootstrapped Web listeners. Just visit her site UI Breakfast and use the code for $20 off any book package they offer.

Resources Mentioned Today:

UI Breakfast

The UI Audit (use Bootstrapped20 for discount)

Free 1 Hour UI Audit



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