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Team Equity / A New App / The Next App

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The holidays are here! The office parties are going on and Christmas music is everywhere!

Today Jordan is celebrating the growth of Carthook by offering his employees stock options. He discusses the stickiness of the decision and the excitement and nervousness that comes with the big announcement.  He also tells a customer story that opened his eyes to user experience and how Carthook can step up their game and really deliver a great customer experience.

Brian’s ProcessKit partnership has fallen through. But he’s not discouraged, he shares what it was like to have that difficult conversation and how he plans to move forward. He also announces his second product in a month! Sunrise KPI is Brian’s latest product and he is proud to offer a great tool to his customers.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Preparing for MicroConf Growth.
  • An update on TinySeed.
  • Brian’s new product Sunrise KPI.
  • The customer meeting that changed Jordan’s perspective on his product.
  • ProcessKit’s partnership update.
  • Brian’s Plan B for ProcessKit.
  • Jordan is announcing employee stock options and he’s nervous!

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Automation Guides


Flywheel Hosting

MicroConf Growth


Tiny Seed Fund

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