[39] Doing Things Manually

[39] Doing Things Manually

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In this episode, we talk all about the things we do manually, which most might assume we have automated.


Brian’s update:

  • September is a crazy hectic month…
  • Pushing to launch my course, Productize, in October, so I’m hustling to write and shoot all the lesson videos in September.
  • …And write 3+ guest articles on some pretty big blogs
  • …And my employee is out on maternity leave this month, so I must do 1-2 hours of sales calls every day.
  • …And I still spend half of every week home watching our 6-month old.

Jordan’s update: 

  • As I mentioned previously, August was all about clearing my plate and laying out my strategy through the end of the year
  • Well, my plate isn’t quite 100% clear but I do have my strategy set and starting to build the necessary momentum on it now
  • In short, instead of splitting my time equally on a bunch of different projects, I’ve decided to focus on building a marketing machine for CartHook, and generating additional income with one big consulting client and that’s it.
  • And a bit on the real-life side of thing, man did I go on a freaking entrepreneur rollercoaster this week.  I found myself going from super high to super low over and over again and I really had to step away from

In this episode…

  • The Why behind doing things manually, and how it helps you gain traction in the early days and beyond.
  • Jordan’s manual cold email strategy that gained his first 20 customers for CartHook.
  • Brian’s sales consultation strategy to get (and keep) customers on Restaurant Engine.
  • The guys compare notes on manual onboarding.
  • Manual dunning emails and cancellation process.
  • And more of the nitty-gritty details that run our businesses behind the scenes!


  • Thanks for the mention guys! Another awesome value packed episode!

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      Hell yeah Melanie!

  • Matt Queen

    Loving the format of this podcast. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Matt! We dig it too 🙂

      *Brian Casel*