[37] Thinking BIG

[37] Thinking BIG

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This episode is all about thinking BIG.  Jordan and Brian cover a lot of ground on this topic.  From high-level life goals, to working smart on the ground-level.


Jordan’s update:

  • Clearing my plate after weeks of moving across the country so I can start to think strategically.
  • Making big decisions about which area of my business(s) to focus on in the coming months:  My SaaS, Carthook?  My consulting company, BanyanTree?  Or my Sales Funnel info-product?

Brian’s update:

  • Went on vacation with my family… Nothing blew up with the business 🙂
  • Validated that my audience on casjam.com is more interested in Productizing Email Course rather than my Content Marketing stuff.
  • Now plotting my to-do’s to produce my premium course, Productize and launch it within 10 weeks.

The Main Event…

  • How Brian and Jordan each chart out their goals and make decisions about what to work on (two very different approaches)
  • We answer the question, what would you do if you had $1 million dollars in the bank?
  • The 3-step framework for setting (and hitting) big goals



In this episode we talked about “Running The Numbers” as you think big and plan strategically.  So Jordan, our in-house MS Excel wizard, put together a handy spreadsheet to help you run your sales funnel projections.

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  • Me again. Just wanted to say that it feels like you guys are reading my mind. Another episode spot on with some thoughts I’ve been having.

    Plus, I’m totally going to rip your year/week/day goal planning in Trello. Love it!

    • Thanks Melanie! Glad to hear it… And ya, Trello pretty much runs my life these days 🙂

      *Brian Casel*

      • Yeah, I looked at implementing it into my systems automation as I much prefer a visual view of projects, but it falls short of features compared to Teamwork. I need recurring task templates for projects. Probably doable using Zapier, but seems like a can of worms to get into.

    • jordangal

      Hey Melanie, good to hear you’re digging the podcast. Let us know what else you want us to cover.

      And I totally agree on Brian’s planning mindset, but I simply can’t get into Trello. I think I’m the only one, though.

      • Hey Jordan, anything & everything automation, project management, operations. I’m working hard on streamlining my business so I can have more free time and scale. BTW, I’m curious to see your sales funnel course!

        • jordangal

          So funny you mention automation. I’m a big fan as well, but the episode we’re recording tomorrow is all about “Doing Things Manually.”

          We’re gonna talk about the things we do manually in our businesses and the effect that has. Maybe we can do an update in a few weeks to talk about what we end up automating and why.

          I’m finishing up version one of the course this week with the first group of students, but I plan to open it back up in October. I guarantee I won’t forget to mention it 🙂

          • Ha, should be interesting!

            Cool, you’ll have more to share on what worked well, what didn’t and things you’re going to do in version 2! 🙂