To Copy or Compete (or Both?)

To Copy or Compete (or Both?)

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We find ourselves discussing competition and when you should copy a competitor’s model and when you should innovate a model. Many people get excited about a category, but are soon discouraged when they see the competition.  On today’s episode we discuss why competition can be a good thing.

We also discuss Big Snow Tiny Conf coming up on February 6-9 in both Vermont and Colorado. There are 2 slots left in those events so check out the link below for more information. The rest of this episode is just stream of consciousness, so hang with us for this conversation.

Today’s points:

  • Big Snow Tiny Conf.
  • Facebook culture vs. Twitter culture
  • Jordan’s Twitter conversation with Justin Jackson.
  • Who is true competition?
  • Why competition is good.
  • How competition pushes your business.
  • How to deal with competition.
  • Innovation vs. Copying
  • Brian’s observations of Basecamp.
  • Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dan Bilzerian.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Justin Jackson’s Tweet

Big Snow Tiny Conf.

Joe Rogan Podcast #857

Borrowing Brilliance



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