Trailer: The Productize Podcast

Trailer: The Productize Podcast returns in 2020

Trailer: The Productize Podcast returns in 2020

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Brian shares a quick announcement for his other podcast, The Productize Podcast.

That’s an interview show where Brian invites business owners who are scaling with systems, processes, and teams — Primarily those in productized services, but he also speaks to SaaS founders who are pairing services with their software.

It’s a different format than Bootstrapped Web, and if it sounds interesting, you can subscribe here or search for “Productize Podcast” in your pod catcher.

Also, Brian will be hosting some live online hangout events this year, all to be announced through the Productize Podcast.

Bootstrapped Web aint going anywhere! Jordan and Brian will continue to drop new episodes every Thursday morning… errr… Most Thursdays.