• Craig Hewitt

    Best episode yet. This conversation could make an entire startup masters thesis on it’s own. Great discussion about both the things to look for when exiting an existing business and how to best design/frame a new business. Nicely done!

    • Cool, thanks Craig! Glad you found this one helpful and not too rambling 🙂

      *Brian Casel*

  • I agree, this is one of the best episodes yet.

  • jordangal

    Thanks very much guys, appreciate the good feedback 🙂

  • Hi Guys, great episode, thank you for sharing this info. I know that this episode is a bit old, however I will still ask: are you planning to upload a transcript/episode notes?

    • Thanks Leonard! We’re not planning on doing show notes of back episodes at this time. If there’s something you’re looking for, let us know.