Updates Facebook Ads, Public Speaking, & Entrepreneurial Parenting

Updates Facebook Ads, Public Speaking, & Entrepreneurial Parenting

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Welcome back to Bootstrapped Web. On today’s episode we cover a lot of subjects that are both business and personal nature. We update you on Brian’s Calendar product and Jordan tells us about a talk he gave to his accelerator group.

We also discuss Brian’s experience with Facebook ads and how Facebook is helping him get the word out about Audience Ops. He shares some tools he has found useful  while creating these ads. If you are looking for some easy to use tools for your ads you might find this episode interesting.

Here are our conversation points:

  • Jordan’s talk with Portland’s Starve Ups.
  • How Brian uses Facebook ads to promote Audience Ops.
  • What is a Facebook lead ad?
  • Creating ad campaigns with Facebook.
  • Jordan’s problems with Facebook Pixel.
  • Our discussion about public school and it’s lack of individuality.
  • Brian’s update on the calendar project.
  • Why working with people in person is useful.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Starve Ups



Audience Ops



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