Updates: Validating a Consulting Offer / Self-Funding a New SaaS

Updates: Validating a Consulting Offer / Self-Funding a New SaaS

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Today’s episode is an update episode. Jordan tells us about finding his customer base for the funnel tool. Brian discusses how he is working with his developers on a new training product he is planning.

We discuss when to allow custom jobs and when to say no. We also discuss what challenges a young bootstrapped company needs to expect. Building your company is so much harder, than it sounds. If you are just starting out as a bootstrapped business, then maybe this episode will help you get an idea of what you’re getting into and the other challenges.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Our reactions to the Presidential election.
  • Jordan’s new custom job, and how he’s preparing for it.
  • How to fill gaps in your business.
  • Brian’s new training program.
  • Building a good foundation ladder.
  • The challenges of bootstrapping.
  • Jordan’s time at Tanner Larson’s Mastermind.
  • Brian’s planning discussions with his developers.
  • Advice about pricing and how to decide it.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Carthook’s Ecommerce Checkout Funnel

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