[42] Using Webinars as a Bootstrapper

[42] Using Webinars as a Bootstrapper

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This episode is all about Webinars. We all hear about webinars and how effective they can be and we watch some people make an absolute killing using them. In this episode we talk about why to use them, how to use them, and how we plan on using them in the future.


Brian’s update:

  • Starting to pay more attention to other’s marketing tactics and actually study them by taking notes.
    • Subscribing to email launch sequences then reviewing them
    • Attending a webinar to see how it’s done
  • This week I wrote a post called How to Delegate When You’re Creative, which seems to be resonating and getting retweeted quite a bit.
  • I discovered how to Pin a Tweet to my Twitter profile. So I created a tweet, which promotes my free crash course in Productizing, included a big banner image on it, and then Pinned it to my profile. Now anyone who views my profile sees this. Big spike in opt-ins this week, we’ll see if it’s permanent.

Jordan’s update:

  • Keeping the momentum going from the previous few weeks – really working my ass off to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes up
  • Really enjoying the narrowed focus on CartHook now and it’s starting to pay off
  • Been taking a page out of Brian’s book and planning things out over the next few months instead of seeing everything week by week

In This Episode…

  • Why are webinars effective for getting customers?
  • Are webinars over-used?
  • How are each of us using webinars in our businesses?
  • What are some key techniques we’ve picked up when it comes to doing webinars?
  • How can we track and measure a webinar sales funnel?
  • Tools we use to run webinars?