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What does VC really mean? And marketing.

What does VC really mean? And marketing.

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We’re back after a two-week break. More specifically, a camping and Niagra Falls break. Today we go over two kinds of VC: vacations and venture capital. Not to mention, we go over ProcessKit’s newest marketing news, Ali Mese’s article on Medium, and our thoughts on positioning.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • How do you know when you need a vacation?
  • Brian’s new purchase
  • How often do you contact support?
  • Marketing
    • Positioning and building for additional platform integrations
    • Ali Mese’s article on Medium
    • Keyword research and other marketing ideas for ProcessKit
    • Know who your best ideal customers are
  • Jordan’s lessons in venture capital


“To Build a Business Empire, Own an Opinion, Not a Marketing Budget” by Ali Mese (published on Medium)



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