What Now?

What Now?

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Brian and Jordan are holed up in their houses, podcasting in the time of Corona. There were pre-Corona episodes, and now our first post-Corona episode. Having heard some of our colleagues’ podcasts, it is apparent when these episodes were recorded: pre-Coronavirus and post (or in the time of) the Coronavirus. 

We’re not just talking about the virus itself during this episode, however. This week, we’re talking about our laundry list of things we need to juggle, what good can come from this, what will the coronavirus do to the economy and what has it already done, and what will this mean for consumerism? We also go over Brian’s other podcast and Jordan’s biggest worries about Carthook and the coronavirus.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • What good can come from this?
  • “On a scale of 1 – 10, how worried are you?”
  • When the reality of the virus hit us and our families
  • How has ProcessKit and Carthook done in the midst of the virus
  • Trends we have seen so far
  • The future of (Brian’s) online communities and online courses
  • The Product Highs Podcast and looking for a podcast producer
  • Jordan’s biggest worries about the coronavirus
  • Acknowledging the downside while pursuing the upside
  • How Brian juggles multiple projects.
  • The perks of diversification
  • What will happen to these habits after the Coronavirus goes away?
  • What does that mean for consumerism?
  • What sorts of leaders we need in this type of crisis
  • Wash your hands people. Stay inside.


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