[105] Crafting Your Sales Process w/ Damian Thompson

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[105] Crafting Your Sales Process w/ Damian Thompson

We have guest on the show today. Damian Thompson is a sales coach for Salesability. He is going to walk us through how to build a sales team and just give us practical advice for this crucial step in business growth.

We met Damian at Dynamite Circle – Tropical MBA. His main background is B2B, but he does cover some B2C topics.

The topics Damian covers today are:

  • 2 Big mistakes businesses make when looking for a sales team
  • The process of lead generation and qualification, plus customer acquisition, and attention
  • The Hunter vs. Farmer salesperson
  • Why you should always hire 2 salespeople at a time
  • Important Milestones for the first 6 through 12 months
  • The difference between an Outbound and Inbound lead
  • Why you should always make a Discovery call and a Demo call
  • B2C (business to consumer) vs. B2B (business to business)
  • Tips on how to make sales calls Human 2 Human
  • What your 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day goals should be for a new salesperson

To get in touch with Damian you can visit salesability.co or email him at damian@salesability.co.

We also give a short update for you the listeners:

Brian is settling into his new home and still looking for a Marketing Tech. The link for the Marketing Tech position is below in the resources section. He is also working on his Landing Page plugin.

Jordan is preparing for the upcoming launch of his new product. Preparations have included a marketing site, onboarding, user testing, and blogger outreach. 

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:


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Dynamite Circle



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Aaron Ross

Audience Ops Marketing Tech Position

Audience Ops Landing Pages Plugin

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