[70] The MicroConf 2015 Recap Show

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[70] The MicroConf 2015 Recap Show

This week Brian and Jordan share their take-aways from MicroConf, which was held last week in Las Vegas. Both guys said the conference had magic in the way it sparked ideas and creativity.  Both also did attendee talks themselves, so be on the lookout for the video replays of those in the coming weeks.

In today’s episode they highlight presentations given by the following participants:

  • Patrick McKenzie on exiting a business.
  • Joanna Wiebe on the importance of specific copy for specific jobs.
  • Jason Cohen on how a company impacts and transforms lives.
  • Einar Vollset on choosing a service where leads have a purpose.
  • Rob Walling on market position and lessons learned.
  • Steli Efti on following through with your sales prospects.
  • Hiten Shah on getting the product correct through the use of customer research.

On the next episode Brian will reveal plans on a new business launch. Make plans to tune in and find out what he has up his sleeve!

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