[94] From “Accidental Solution” to $50K Launch of a Productized Service, with Dan Schwartz

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[94] From "Accidental Solution" to $50K Launch of a Productized Service, with Dan Schwartz

Today’s episode of the podcast is one several case study recordings that will be released as part of Brian’s productized course, along with some more advanced strategies and he’s looking forward to its next release.                           

In today’s episode, Brian talks with Dan Schwartz, a student of his productized course. A few months ago, Dan launched a productized service offering that did $50k in sales right out of the gate. He’s repeated that process a couple of times and we’ll talk about how he’s now iterating his early success with the done for you service to build it out as a SASS solution. 

Dan’s focus is primarily on real estate and using a product called Podio has built the framework of his own business. Dan’s service is targeted at real estate investors and is designed to manage their lead process. The service he sells includes a pre-built platform template on Podio that includes all of the automations that occur within that template via GlobiFlow. 

Today’s episode’s highlights include:

  • Dan’s Service
  • The Launch
  • First Steps
  • Positioning your product
  • Creating an automated workspace
  • Support and creating a knowledge base

The initial demand was more than Dan had anticipated and they were overwhelmed by the sales and need for support. Early on, he hired two assistants who were trained in the platform to ensure that customer needs were met. While it was difficult being mired in customer service issues on a day to day basis, it gave Dan a great opportunity to interact with his customers and get feedback on the product.

Visit Realautomation.biz to learn more about Dan’s current service offering. Dan is getting ready to launch Investorfuse.com, the productized service, designed to improve the current offering, with a targeted release date in January. You can also tune into Dan at Dasbeats.net and opt in for his newsletter, email him at Dan@dasbeats.net. Check him out on Facebook at the Investorfuse page.

In this Episode:








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