About Us

The Bootstrapped Web podcast started with a simple premise:

To share the lessons we learn by doing, and learn from the things that others are doing, to help us all get ahead as we bootstrap our businesses online.

And now, your hosts, in their own words:

Brian Casel

Brian CaselHey – Brian Casel here.  Hitting record on this podcast every week is one of my favorite things I do.  Why?  Because it’s one of the best ways to stay connected to the amazing community of software entrepreneurs, who like me, are just figuring it out as we go.

I’m the founder of ZipMessage, a video messaging tool for asynchronous conversations with clients, customers, and teammates.  You can find my most up-to-date stuff on my Twitter profile, @casjam.

Jordan Gal

Jordan GalHello hello. Jordan here. Thanks for listening to the podcast, it’s been a great ride.  I hope listening into our trials and tribulations helps you along your spiritual hustle journey.

I’m currently running Rally, a SaaS that offers a better, more profitable checkout experience for E-Commerce.  Find me on Twitter @jordangal