[8] Adii Pienaar (WooThemes & PublicBeta) on Starting Again From The Ground Up

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[8] Adii Pienaar (WooThemes & PublicBeta) on Starting Again From The Ground Up

He bootstrapped and built WooThemes into a multi-million dollar WordPress business. Now he’s stepping back from that to start something completely new, from the ground up.

Adii Pienaar joins me today to talk about his new venture, PublicBeta, and how he’s going about things a bit differently this time around.

In my interview with Adii, you’ll hear:

  • How he’s applying what he learned building WooThemes to his new startup, PublicBeta
  • What’s different this time around?
  • How (and why) he chose to go from selling tangible goods to information/education products
  • What’s challenging Adii today and what he’s doing to work through it.

Key Takeaways:

1.  Adii stressed the importance of focusing primarily on one business at a time.  He described how in the past he tried leading 2 companies simultaneously and it resulted in what he calls a failure.  But now, with PublicBeta, he has stepped back from his role leading WooThemes to focus almost exclusively on PublicBeta.

2.  Another takeaway was how Adii is hiring and putting a team in place right from the start.  He isn’t making the business and operations completely reliant on his own time and expertise.  Figuring out how to best allocate your resources and put talented people in place is a very important lesson here.

3.  And finally, Adii leveraged his personal network of friends and fellow successful entrepreneurs to help him add value to his new startup.  I’m sure that people like Hiten Shah, Spencer Fry, Nathan Barry and others wouldn’t be so generous with their time if they didn’t personally know and respect Adii.  That’s a testiment to Adii’s friendly personality and ability to maintain relationships online and off.  Very important in this journey as we build and bootstrap businesses.

Show Notes