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Jordan and Brian are back with new podcasting gear and set-ups. Today’s topics cover a little bit of everything: from making quality content, to morale boosting Zoom meeting activities. They are also talking about Jordan’s experience working with Shopify, Brian’s 2021 goals for consistency, as well as a surprise nomination, onboarding and conversion, marketing and tracking, and niche podcasting.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Making quality content
  • Friday snapshots, Spotify Wrapped Year in Review
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday wrap-up
  • Shopify checkouts, quirks, and limitations
  • Nomination for bootstrapper podcasts
  • ProcessKit onboarding and the core of the product
  • How to change from conversion to paid?
  • Marketing
    • Marketing and tracking from two different sources
    • Paypal, what?!
    • Focusing your marketing efforts; niching down
  • Goals for 2021: consistency
  • Podcasting in a niche versus having a wide audience


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