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Bootstrapped to VC

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Bootstrapped to VC

Officially a year after the pandemic started, Brian and Jordan do a bit of reminiscing and chatting about vaccine news before diving into updates about work. Not to mention, Jordan gets his first real haircut of the year.

On the business front, things are moving (slow and steady) for Brian. ProcessKit has accumulated a decent amount of data which means that he can start making data-driven decisions for the business. While ZipMessage is still new and in the early stages of the process. Jordan talks about the change in his mindset from Carthook to his new project. Meanwhile, Brian talks about delegating tasks, what it means to “hire to collaborate,” and the things he’s doing in order to build his rhythm with ProcessKit and see progress.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The shift in temperance about the ongoing pandemic
    • Vaccines and vacations
  • Changing your mindset: going from bootstrap to VC
    • How that affects your appetite for risk
  • Delegating tasks to people now and hiring to collaborate
    • Hiring freelancers
    • Finding talented people who don’t want to be full time employees
    • Stories (success and otherwise) with freelancers
  • New trends with sales since Jordan started Carthook
    • What do you do with marketing, prelaunch?
  • ProcessKit updates
    • In-app onboarding flow is helping self-conversion
    • Is patience the key?
    • Home page content about customer on-boarding and niches
    • Testing headlines and swapping out pages to test data and changes in customer trends
    • The possibility of launching a new version versus launching new features








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