[45] To Build An Audience Or…

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[45] To Build An Audience Or...

Today’s episode is all about the right way to build an audience and the right reasons to do it. Brian gives his advice and perspective as someone who has built an audience over the past few years, while I’m in the very early stages. Whatever position you find yourself in, you’ll get a lot out of this one.

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Brian’s update:

  • Launched Productize! Just 2 days in and very happy (and relieved) with the response so far… I promise to share full details and numbers in an episode in November.
    • Actually had the first sale before I even announced it was open 🙂
    • And now that we have a good number of customers already inside the course, I’m excited to open up the new community (private Facebook group) for everyone to interact…
    • A few people asked about the Productize Workshop and what’s involved there… I’m breaking it into small groups of about 5, and as a group we’ll hammer through personalized feedback and strategy on each attendee’s productized business. Very interactive. Some have called it a Mastermind call and I think that describes it well.
    • $100 off sale is currently still on through Halloween.
  • Overall, just relieved and happy to get some rest.  I was actually in the office until 5am the morning of launch getting all of the videos finalized and uploaded.

Jordan’s update:

  • Remember when I talked about clearing my plate and being able to focus about a month ago? Yeah well, that’s finally happening. It’s amazing how much progress you can make when you start to focus.
  • CartHook is picking up momentum, have the most free trials going I’ve ever had, and we’re releasing new features.
  • Still struggling with finding a developer to build new integrations, but I’ve got a few prospects that I believe will work out.
  • Been thinking A LOT about the next move on the info product side of things, which leads right into today’s episode.

In This Episode…

The power of the email list.

  • Gets people to return. Basically no other way to do that, reliably.
  • Your early email subscribers are your most loyal, they’ll help spread your content.

What should you write about?

  • Write about what you know and what you do every day.
  • Every time you deal with something difficult, that’s an opportunity for content.

Guest blogging

  • Best way to get in front of new audiences.
  • How to start…
    • Start small (but not too small)
    • Pitch a topic that you know is relevant to their audience (do your research)
    • Leverage guest publishings to land more (bigger) sites
    • Snowball effect: Blogs come to you… Mentions and random meetings turn into guest blog opportunities.


  • Truly different dynamic. Audience really feels like they “know” you.
  • Less competition. Easy to rank highly in iTunes (but hard to get to the TOP).
  • I see podcasting as an inbound channel. People discover the podcast first (iTunes/Stitcher) and then make their way to my site and newsletter.