[51] Crush Every Goal You Set with Clint Warren

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[51] Crush Every Goal You Set with Clint Warren

Today our friend and returning champ, Clint Warren joins us in a discussion about getting things done, and crushing big goals. It’s not same productivity hacks you read about.  We’re working through real, day-in-day-out strategies and mindsets that help us do more, achieve more, and get from point A to point B faster.

In this episode

  • Consuming vs. Doing… How to strike a balance between consuming stuff (blogs, podcasts, courses, books, etc.) and taking action in our business.
  • How to start with the end in mind — setting big goals for the year or multi-year goals.
  • How to stay on track with those big goals throughout the year — without getting distracted and going off course.
  • Our monthly, weekly, and daily routines to keep us moving the ball forward.
  • Keeping a balance… Home life, relaxation, recreation… How do we avoid over-working ourselves?