[3] How Brennan Dunn Leverages His Best Marketing Asset: His List

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[3] How Brennan Dunn Leverages His Best Marketing Asset: His List

Think email is dead when it comes to marketing a digital products or apps?  Think again.

Brennan Dunn’s entire business — two books, a SaaS app, a master class, and more — is powered by his weekly email newsletter that he sends to more than 6,000 freelancers.

In this episode, Brennan shares every aspect of how he leverages his greatest marketing asset — his list.  From how he built a list to over 6k in less than 12 months to his autoresponder strategy, how he writes his (amazing) emails, and how he convers subscribers to paying customers.

Brian also takes a minute to talk about why the site redesign he’s currently working on is the most enjoyable of his career so far.

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“Don’t focus on your next 60,000 subscribers, focus on your next 1,000.” – How Brennan Dunn Leverages His List – Tweet This

Key Takeaways

1.  Brennan shares only genuine, helpful, educational content to his newsletter list.  There are no hard sales.  No emails where the sole purpose is to present an “offer”.  He uses only “soft sells”, which are relevant mentions of his books and products, often placed in the PS line of the email.

He builds a real relationship with each of his subscribers, one that is built on trust and providing value, then he provides his products as a logical “next step” for his audience to dive deeper and get more.

2.  Readers of Brennan’s newsletters never — ever — are left wondering who Brennan is and why they’re receiving an email from him.  They’re reminded at the very top of every email, and given a chance to unsubscribe if they’re no longer interested.  This reinforces a relationship of trust and value.

3. He built his list to 6,000 in less than one year! AND sold two books, a master class, and runs a SaaS app during that year! This is truly inspiring and it reminds me that if we stay focused and committed, the results will eventually come, and they might just come a bit sooner than one might think.

4. “Don’t focus on your next 60,000 subscribers, focus on the next 1,000”.  We can look in awe of the Ramit Sethi’s of the world and dream of reaching his level, but the reality is we’re much better off focusing on small, slow, incremental progress.  Every day, just a couple inches further, a couple more subscribers, a couple more customers.  We’ll wake up one year from now miles ahead of where we’re at today.  And who knows where we’ll be three or five years from now!

The Big Question

What are you doing with your mailing list? Are you letting it sit idle like Brennan initially did with his Planscope list? Or are you touching base with your subscribers every week, as he’s been doing for the past year? Share your approach to your list in the comments.

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