[4] 2 Years, 77+ Different Products?! An Inside Look at Pippin Williamson’s WordPress Plugins Business

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[4] 2 Years, 77+ Different Products?! An Inside Look at Pippin Williamson's WordPress Plugins Business

Most WordPress plugin developers build their business around only a single plugin, or perhaps a handful. But Pippin Williamson, of PippinsPlugins.com, isn’t like most developers. In just a matter of a couple years, Pippin has built up a catalog of over 77 different plugins — which essentially are 77 different products, each with it’s own utility.

Not only that — he’s committed to educating other developers through his blog where he releases in-depth tutorials and videos.

What I find most interesting about Pippin’s business is his unconvential approach to marketing. It’s unconventional in that, he pretty much doesn’t do it! Listen to the entire episode to get the full story behind a truly impressive commercial WordPress themes business.

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“A real marketer could prob 4x my revenue. But I prefer connecting with customers on a personal level.” – @pippinsplugins – Tweet This

Key Takeaways

1. Pippin provides awesome support no matter which channel it is, even for free plugins. When it comes to support, he sets the bar high and never compromises on that. That’s his reputation and it’s the foundation of his entire business.

2. He built his personal brand through highly educational and relevant tutorials. We see this again and again. Put yourself out there, educate, and build an audience and build your business off this platform.

3. This is my favorite takeaway – Pippin throws lots of ideas at the wall and sees what sticks. This approach seems frowned upon by many in the startup community – the idea that every idea must be validated before being built. This is one of those exceptions to the rule.

And I love seeing quote unquote “rules” being broken. Forget the rulebook and trust your gut and see what happens. Just do it. My kinda thinking.

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