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Everything Must Go

We have some big news to share before we go on a (much needed) two-week hiatus. 

Brian talks about his sale of Productize, in addition to nearly every other business he has owned. Jordan talks about his latest tweet thread, responding to Moiz Ali’s criticisms of Shopify. We also talk about the power of audio, networking through podcasting, and marketing.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Taking a break and staying away from the computer while on vacation
  • Moiz Ali’s tweet about Shopify’s problems
    • The problems that they need to solve
  • Marketing and speaking your mind
  • The sale of the Productize brand (and everything else)
  • Networking through podcasting 
    • Connecting with people through audio
  • Competitors and marketing

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Jordan’s response to Moiz’ Shopify Tweet

Brian on Twitter

Jordan on Twitter 



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