[53] Get More Leads with Brennan Dunn

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[53] Get More Leads with Brennan Dunn

You could do a lot worse than to take advice from Brennan Dunn. Whether you’re building an agency, a SaaS, a course, or a productized service, he’s done it all and done it well.

In today’s episode we talk to Brennan about the right way to generate leads, how he does it, and how he plans to do it with his newly launched agency. You can find out more about that new agency here.  We’re looking forward to following along on the journey.

For some reason, Brian forgot to say the intro.  Why?  We’ll never know.  So on this episode, we dive right into the good stuff with Brennan.

In this episode

  • We ask Brennan about what he’s been up to and what he has planned for 2015.
  • The mindset required to break free from the typical feast or famine cycle.
  • How Brennan built his agency using a sales funnel that combined in-person networking and email marketing.
  • Brennan’s advice for generating  leads as a freelancer/consultant.
  • The struggle so many developers face in marketing and sales.
  • How Brennan plans to build a sales funnel for his new agency.