Bootstrapped Web

Good morning

Bootstrapped Web
Good morning

Today Brian and Jordan are talking about deadlines, Black Friday, and a little bit of introspection. They go over their love/hate relationship with mornings. They also take a deep dive into hopes, dreams, dedication, and hiring true believers.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The Carthook deadline
  • How the new ProcessKit developer stepped up
  • Testing features, web integration expectations
  • Different ways of coping with stress
  • The importance of mornings:
    • Brian’s morning routine
    • Jordan’s morning routine
    • Can you change whether or not you can be a morning person?
  • Hopes, dreams, and dedication
    • “What is the worst case scenario here?”
  • When it is okay to forgo delegating and doing things yourself?
    • Freelancing versus Full-Time Employee
    • Marketing projects
    • Hiring a true believer




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