Hiring (or not?)

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Hiring (or not?)

We cover a subject that affects all bootstrappers today. Should you hire or not? This topic comes up because we both are looking to hire some new team members. Jordan has seven job openings and Brian is looking for a new writer for Audience Ops. We discuss how we go about hiring for these positions and why it isn’t always a smooth process.

Brian also has some updates on ProcessKit and Productize. For the whole month of March, Productize will be open to new customers. Brian shares what he learned from last year’s open sessions and why he is doing it differently this year.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Personal updates and upcoming plans.
  • Brian is getting back into ProcessKit.
  • Productize will be open all March!
  • Brian’s process for finding a new writer for Audience Ops.
  • Jordan’s hiring needs and why it is complicated.
  • Jordan’s approach to hiring new team members.
  • Why some people interview well but are hard to work with.
  • The levers of business and how to use them in the hiring process.
  • The benefits of being a solo founder.
  • Hire to achieve goals, not vanity.
  • Investing time vs. investing money
  • Coping with distractions and getting back on track.
  • The 4 lessons Jordan learned from a potential acquisition.

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