[11] From Idea to 10 Paying Customers in Less Than a Week – w/ Dan Norris (WP Curve)

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[11] From Idea to 10 Paying Customers in Less Than a Week - w/ Dan Norris (WP Curve)

Since my last interview with Dan Norris, a lot has changed.  While his first startup, Informly continues on, he launched a new startup, WP Curve, and managed to attract over ten paying customers in the first week!  That instantly doubled his monthly recurring revenue.

So I knew I had to get him right back onto the podcast to get us up to speed on these exciting new developments.  We covered:

  • Where the idea came from (seemlingly out of nowhere)
  • How he validated the MVP by manning the live chat support sleeping with his phone next to his pillow
  • How he met his co-founder and partnered up from across the world
  • How they’re marketing this unique service by reaching influencers.

Key Takeaways

Takeaway #1

Both of his products, while seemingly very different, actually serve much of the same audience.  If you’re a business owner and a website owner, you can probably find value both in Informly, as it gives you updates on the performance of your website, and WP Curve, who provides support for your website.  Very smart to have that overlap, and that’s a pattern I’m definitely seeing across many of these interviews.

You can go back and listen to my interviews with Brennan Dunn and Nathan Barry, who both speak to this idea of audience overlap.

Takeaway #2:

This idea of entrepreneurship as a skill.  Did you guys catch the part of the interview where Dan said he was basically losing $1500 per month and he had only one month left before he wouldn’t be able to sustain it?  So what did he do?  He went and launched a brand new idea, validated and attracted paying customers.  Sure, WPCurve is a great idea, but you know what, Dan has tons of ideas and he could have made any of them work.  Why?  Because he has built his skillset as an entrepreneur, and he can carry that with him through any new idea and any new chapter in his journey.  Entrepreneurship is not about hitting on a single golden idea.  It’s about knowing how to create value again and again, and Dan truly demonstrated that with his launch of WPCurve.

Show Notes