Bootstrapped Web

How is it different?

Bootstrapped Web
How is it different?

This is two weeks in a row for Brian and Jordan. In today’s episode they’re talking about new toys and tools, Twitter drama, and business talk, specifically Jordan’s newest team member and Brian’s newest product. April 5th is going to be a big week for both Brian and Jordan when it comes to business news.  They also successfully avoid having Jordan talk about crypto for another episode. How long will they be able to go without talking about it?

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Regulation crowdfunding ceilings
  • SaaS and tech people and temperaments on Twitter
  • Updates on ZipMessage
    • Nine simple reasons why Brian loves and is launching ZipMessage
    • It’s sharable and boastable
    • Brainstorming ideas for a viral launch
  •’s launch strategy
  • Jordan’s new chief-of-staff started, which has led to a productive week
    • Easier to do things when you’re being held accountable
    • Writing content, then handing it over to a copyeditor to tighten the drafts
    • Rearranging the sequence of rollout








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