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Know Thyself

Bootstrapped Web
Know Thyself

Will this be the week that Jordan finally gets to talk about crypto? In this episode of Bootstrapped Web, Brian and Jordan give us some updates on their businesses. Is Brian running late with ZipMessage? What has been going on behind the scenes of Jordan’s secret project? They also talk indepth about discipline and productivity. Do working sessions help? When is it better to work alone? What tools do you use to hold yourself (and others) accountable?

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Progress with ZipMessage
  • Jordan’s three different profiles of potential partners he is looking to next
  • The outreach plan for Jordan’s secret project
  • Brian’s mental deadlines: Is ZipMessage falling behind?
  • Know Thyself: a lack of discipline around productivity
    • Working sessions vs working alone
    • Tiny little dependencies that get overwhelming
    • Creative-Technical-Designer-Founder-Entrepreneur deep work sessions
  • Personal and professional goals
  • Why things are happening a certain way and why things feel inevitable
    • Building toward that inevitability (but not too early)









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