Bootstrapped Web

Launching from no man’s land

Bootstrapped Web
Launching from no man's land

Today, Brian and Jordan are talking about what it’s like in no man’s land and their struggles with imposter’s syndrome. Brian shares more details about his newest venture. Jordan talks about his need for structure. They do a deep dive into the launch process and various launch strategies as well as updates on their various projects, their opinions on Clubhouse, and how they avoid feeling overwhelmed with new ideas.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Launching a brand new product… with no product yet
  • What to do when you’re in no man’s land:
    • Jordan’s three goals each week
  • How Brian uses the Day One app
  • Zipmessage updates
  • Launch strategies
  • Content and web copy versus product
    • Does nobody read anymore?
    • What format works?
  • Clubhouse and Twitter
    • The “I’d rather do X” conundrum
    • Live broadcasts
  • Jordan’s new chief-of-staff
  • AudienceOps updates
    • Delegating duties


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