[7] Nathan Barry Explains How His Very 1st Book Sold $12k on Day One… And more

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[7] Nathan Barry Explains How His Very 1st Book Sold $12k on Day One... And more

Nathan Barry has quite the portfolio of products:  2 iOS Apps, a new SaaS app, and 3 self-published books.  He has also built up quite an audience through putting out highly educational and valuable content on his blog.

But I wanted to learn how his very first book did so well before he built up the large audience that he has today.  That’s the focus of my interview with Nathan (though we covered a lot of ground).

In just two months, Nathan went from having a blog with no traffic and a Twitter following of less than 500, to the release of his first book selling over $12,000 on day 1!

Key Takeaways

Here were the key takeaways for me (I’m sure you’ll find quite a few more when you listen to the episode):

1.  What really stood out to me was when he talked about the lead up to the launch of his first book.  All it took was just a few high quality tutorials on his own blog, which linked to his landing page for the book, and that was how he built a pre-launch mailing list that helped him do over $10,000 in sales on the first day.  He didn’t have a massive audience at the time, but the launch was still a huge success.

And that one is really making me re-think my strategy for the next few weeks as I’m starting to get the ball rolling on writing my first book.  My plan was to do as many guest articles on other blogs as I can over the next 6 months.  But I think I’m going to pull back on the guest articles a bit, and focus more on publishing really great content here on my blog at casjam.com.  I’m also going to do more video posts as well.  I think that will add more value the guest articles will, so we’ll see how that goes.

2.  He realized he must build trust and credibility with his audience first before he can expect sales.  His themes company sold only $140 in revenue vs his first book at $10,000+ on the first day.  The difference?  He built an audience, built trust and credibility.

3.  When asked about which product(s) he wants to focus on most, his answer was he focuses primarily on his audience.  That is his highest priority, above all of his other products.

Show Notes:

What do you think?

What did you learn from this episode?  How will you apply some takeaways to your business?  Tell us in the comments.