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Navigating Stress & Distractions

Bootstrapped Web
Navigating Stress & Distractions

The world is in chaos but we’re still here. Today we’re talking about some of the trends and the future of podcasting after some big news with The Joe Rogan Experience. We’re also going over some updates with Carthook, ProcessKit, and Audience Ops.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The big debate over Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal
  • Jordan’s (who is not soliciting for investments, SCC) fears over investors
  • ProcessKit’s onboarding course, not quite ready
  • Funding: social media ads, marketing partnerships (affiliates and referrals)
  • Jordan’s biggest deal ever…and he didn’t even talk to the prospect
  • Difficult clients in Audience Ops





Audience Ops



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