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New year, new directions

Bootstrapped Web
New year, new directions

Brian and Jordan are back after a bit of a hiatus. Today they’re trying a different format change as each takes center stage for half of the show so they can better update everyone on their progress since the new year started. And what a new year it’s been so far: finishing off some old chapters and starting new ones, and the journey in between.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s updates and topics:
    • The sixth year anniversary of the incorporation of Carthook
    • Stepping down as the CEO of Carthook
    • “The big exit” as the goal for an entrepreneur
    • The skills needed for a “new” CEO
    • The transition out of the CEO position
  • Starting secret projects and “The Mystery SaaS”
  • Brian’s updates and topics:
    • Thready launch
    • Tailwind CSS
    • Taking a break to reassess goals and to reflect


Tailwind CSS







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