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SaaS Onboarding & Recruiting at Scale

We’re back behind the mic today after a one-week hiatus. We had originally recorded an episode last week (which addressed current events) but decided not to publish it. Our hearts do go out to everyone in this time of chaos and uncertainty.

This week, we’re back, talking about business, bad habits, and kindergarten graduation parades. We’re talking about ProcessKit’s onboarding updates and one of their newest customers. We’re also talking about Jordan’s big problem and his recruiting and hiring issues.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s big problem: putting off strategic tasks, but then having no energy
  • Brian’s early morning exercise schedule
  • Brian’s ProcessKit’s onboarding updates
    1. The various levels of customers
    2. Tools, widgets, checklists, and onboarding courses
    3. What each customer needs in order to be successful
  • Jordan’s recruiting and hiring process
    1. Their first (in a long time) fully remote hire
  • Brian’s newest customer experience
  • What to do with B2B SaaS these days?
    1. E-commerce platform issues




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