[13] Case Study: Sacha Greif on His Redesign of Folyo.me

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[13] Case Study: Sacha Greif on His Redesign of Folyo.me

I’ve got a special treat for you today. You’re going to hear my interview with the talented designer and entrepreneur, Sacha Greif, and he’s going to walk us through his recent redesign of Folyo.me, a marketplace which connects pre-qualified designs with clients.

But this isn’t a typical interview for this podcast. In fact, this interview originally wasn’t supposed to be available here for free at all.

This is actually one of a series of video case studies that will come as part of the one the packages sold with my book, Design For Conversions. In these case studies, I invited a few designers/founders to walk me through their design of their product’s marketing site. Each of the videos are around 30 minutes in length (some a bit longer). I asked the designer to share their screen as we talk in detail about their strategies, process, and design decisions as they went about creating the site.

This case study with Sacha Greif was so good that I decided to make this one available for free. You’re going to hear the audio here in this podcast, but I highly recommend you watch the video, posted above. Again, Sacha shares his screen and points through the site as we talk about it, so it’s best if you follow along that way.

Top of homepage of Folyo.me
Top of homepage of Folyo.me

Finally, a quick update on the book: This weekend I officially completed writing all of the chapters of the book. There are 13 in total, and I believe it’s over 35,000 words. Being a book about design, of course there are tons of images as well. So it feels great to have that milestone behind. But my work isn’t over yet.

With less than 4 weeks to go until the release date, here’s what’s left on my to-do list:

  • Edit all chapters of the book
  • Layout the book, I’ll probably use iBooks Author for this.
  • As soon as the chapters are edited and laid out, I’ll be sending the free chapter to all of you who signed up for it.
  • Edit the rest of these case study videos… I’ve got about 6 others besides the one you’ll hear today.
  • I need to update the landing page for the book. I’ll be adding pricing info and other things. Plus I need to hook up the system to actually sell the digital downloads… I’m thinking I’ll either use Gumroad, or the WordPress plugin Easy Digital Downloads for this.
  • I have 6 confirmed guest articles to write on other blogs, with a few more pending. These should all be publishing in November, around the time of the book launch.

So I definitely have my work cut out for me over the next 3 weeks or so. It’s crunch time!

Again, if you want to get on the pre-launch list for Design For Conversions, get that free chapter, and a discount when the book comes out, head over to the book landing page.