Sales to Onboarding Process / Profitable Side Projects

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Sales to Onboarding Process / Profitable Side Projects

This week, Jordan has been very focused on sales. He and his company are considering hiring their first salespeople. Jordan shares he believes that they’ve gotten complacent and are starting to look at things in the wrong way – in aggregate instead of in detail.

Brian went to Colorado last week with one big question: What is Sunrise KPI? Is it a side hustle? Is it a full-time business? Keep working on it or give it up? After assessing the numbers, he’s decided to wrap up his work on Sunrise KPI and focus on ProcessKit. He’s not shutting down Sunrise, just stepping back from adding on to it.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Big Snow Tiny Conf
  • Hiring sales people in Jordan’s company
  • Mapping out the existing hiring process
  • The sales roles within Jordan’s company
  • The problem with too many signups
  • What Jordan learned this week from two customer interactions
  • Unhealthy tension vs. healthy tension
  • Defining top-of-funnel rules
  • Future plans for Sunrise KPI
  • Update on current Sunrise KPI numbers
  • Shifting Sunrise KPI to a side project
  • Valuing side projects
  • Update on ProcessKit
  • Recording customer calls
  • What to ask customers about
  • WOCAS Lunches

Resources Mentioned Today:

Big Snow Tiny Conf

Sunrise KPI


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