Surviving & Thriving Through Black Friday / Building an App in a Week

Bootstrapped Web
Surviving & Thriving Through Black Friday / Building an App in a Week

With the year winding down we are feeling reflective during this episode of Bootstrapped Web. Jordan compares the state of Carthook from last year versus this year. A lot can change in a year!

Brian is in a transition period right now and is currently trying to decide what is next in his product plans. We discuss the issues that arise with a large team of people and why Brian is actively seeking a smaller team.  We also celebrate a successful Black Friday and share what we learned from this season.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Our Black Friday experiences.
  • Automation Guides have been launched, now what?
  • Brian’s goals for the upcoming year.
  • The factors that affect a business team size.
  • The discipline involved when hiring for a company.
  • When you should aggressively grow and when you should not.
  • Why soft skills are important.
  • Ben Horowitz’s blog post.
  • Moving into the new year with a clear goal.
  • An update about ProcessKit.
  • The benefits of free tools to software developers and their customers.
  • How Brian’s coding lessons are paying off.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Automation Guides



Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO by Ben Horowitz

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