Go to Market vs. Marketing

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Go to Market vs. Marketing

What is the difference between going to market and marketing? What mindset do you need to be in to accomplish your goals for both of these stages of business? In addition to answering these questions, Brian and Jordan dive into their marketing goals, content strategists, and updates on where they are with their Rally and ZipMessage.

Jordan talks about Rally’s methodical blog posts, which will be released slowly over the next few months. Brian shares some of the new features on ZipMessage and his plans for ‘going to market.’ They also talk about how uncomfortable and rewarding the process can be. ‘Going to market’ is humbling and requires authenticity after all.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The difference between going to market and marketing
  • What is involved when you go to market
  • Marketing techniques and content creators
  • Different versions of networking

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[89] Making the Most of Outbound Sales Tools

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[89] Making the Most of Outbound Sales Tools


We’re trying something a little different today and taking a more topical approach by answering a few listener questions.

Many of you are curious about how SaaS companies are enabling their outbound sales. Cold outbound sales, things like blind email blasts, can bring your numbers up, but you still might not be seeing them as high as you need them to be. That’s where enabling tools like Quickmail can step in and give you the leverage you need. Jordan and I share our experience with a few different types of software (including Quickmail), so tune in to hear how you can combine them with your content marketing techniques and your affiliate relationships to boost our sales.


  • Cold outbound sales vs. Enabling outbound sales
  • Software you can use to build your outbound sales
  • Different outbound techniques to test and try
  • How content marketing, outbound sales, and your website all work together
  • How to build sales through affiliate relationships

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[75] Pricing Strategy, Marketing Focus, and Launch Updates

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[75] Pricing Strategy, Marketing Focus, and Launch Updates


Welcome to Bootstrapped Web Episode 75.

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This week we’re catching up on recent developments in our businesses. Jordan has been in New York working with his co-founder Ben for the last week. This kind of in-person work together with your team is so powerful, and Jordan tries to do it once every few months at least. He also noticed how being in a city like New York brings out networking and connection opportunities even for online based businesses.

Jordan has been deep in the marketing efforts of his business. Instead of straight outbound sales emails he has been doing outbound efforts to get potential customers onto a webinar they’re putting on about abandoned carts and ecommerce. This is adding an extra layer of value instead of just asking for customers to start a trial.

Jordan is also starting a podcast surrounding Carthook which he’s sure will drive new inbound leads, and if he can engineer the launch right it will land in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes.

The last of Jordan’s updates is a change in pricing. From a variable pricing model based on recovered revenue now each customer is going to be charged a fixed price. This has been a bit of work but with clear expectations set with customers it has been going smoothly.

Brian has been deep into getting Audience Ops off the ground and is about 4 weeks into it’s launch. They have 6 paying customers currently with 2 additional customers waiting to start in the coming weeks. The challenge thus far has not been sales and marketing, but scaling the production of supplying the materials to customers initially. This is quickly becoming standardized and is streamlining well.

Aside from hiring writers to create the content of the articles and social media work Brian is in the process of hiring at least one Virtual Assistant and used Virtual Staff Finder to help select good candidates. These team members will be helping schedule WordPress posts, social media posts, and creating images that accompany those pieces.

As if starting Audience Ops isn’t enough, Brian is also creating a WordPress plugin that will help people with customized content upgrades for posts. This will be available in both free and premium formats soon.

The Productize course is also doing really well. May was the best month ever without a major promotion, likely the result of some marketing automation work Brian implemented a few months ago and are finally paying off.

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