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Who is the customer for this SaaS?

Bootstrapped Web
Who is the customer for this SaaS?

Brian and Jordan are back after a short break. Today’s topics involve new developments with Brian, Twitter conversations, and market research for new and current projects. Brian gives us a sneak peak into a new project. Jordan brings his opinions on Twitter and how companies are using their social media profiles for marketing. They briefly talk about the pros and cons of Clubhouse. Lastly they dive into networking and e-commerce.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Zipmessage: sharable conversation pages
    • Intention, goals, and vision for this new product
    • Different landing pages for different niches
    • Risk and innovation
    • Figuring out pricing
      • Price based on usage
  • Clubhouse
    • Waiting for value
    • Tuning in during the workday or after
    • Live versus podcasts and recorded media
  • Ruben Gamez’ Twitter conversation about personal brands and bragging on Twitter
    • The dangers of Twitter
  • Networking and ecommerce
    • Reaching out past your comfort zone
    • “Not knowing what you don’t know” when it comes to untapped opportunities outside your field of vision



Ruben Gamez’ Twitter Convo






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