About Us

The Bootstrapped Web podcast started with a simple premise:

To share the lessons we learn by doing, and learn from the things that others are doing, to help us all get ahead as we bootstrap our businesses online.

And now, your hosts, in their own words:

Brian Casel

Brian CaselHey – Brian Casel here.  Hitting record on this podcast every week is one of my favorite things I do.  Why?  Because it’s one of the best ways to stay connected to the amazing community of self-funded do-ers, who like me, are just figuring it out as we go.

My blog and newsletter can be found at casjam.com.  That’s where I write and teach the things I learned over the years, especially around topics like growing into a productized business and leveling up.

I also run Restaurant Engine and Hotel Propeller, which are productized web design services for the hospitality industry.

It’s been an exciting, challenging, and rewarding learning experience as I’ve built this business up over these last few years, and I love sharing the things I learned here and in my newsletter.

Jordan Gal

Jordan GalHello hello. Jordan here. Here’s the deal. I am determined to succeed. Seriously, I’ll do whatever it takes and am currently doing whatever it takes.

I figured it was about time I started talking about it and teaching the things I’m doing as I do them. If you’re hustling online and bootstrapping your way to financial freedom and an exceptional life, I suggest you listen in to the podcast.

If you want to join my fight against the evils of financial constraints, check out jordangal.com.

I’m currently running CartHook, an abandoned cart web app for ecommerce stores. And I also run a marketing agency with a productized sales funnel service called Banyan Tree Digital. And most importantly, I’m a happy husband, and dad to two little girls in Portland, OR.

If you want to talk, contact me here.